Siphona geniculata [urbana] (De Geer 1776) (Family Tachinidae)

Length: 3-6.5mm;
Wingspan: 8-12mm
Egg Larva Pupa Adult
? ? ? May - October
(Earliest: 16.5)

Wet Meadows

Wet Forest

Hedge Rows

Tipula paludosa Larva

Several Asteraceae Nectar, Pollen

Ranunculus acris Nectar, Pollen

Prunella vulgaris Nectar, Pollen

Stellaria graminea Nectar, Pollen

Geranium sylvaticum Nectar, Pollen

Sisymbrium officinale Nectar, Pollen

Epilobium montanum Nectar, Pollen

Malva moschata Nectar, Pollen

Epilobium hirsutum Pollen

Tachinid Recording Scheme (UK): Siphona geniculata

Pictures © 2003, 2005, 2007 J.K. Lindsey


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