Speudotettix subfusculus (FallÚn 1806) (Family Cicadellidae)

On Betula pendula

Length: Male 5-5.7mm, Female 5.1-6mm
Egg Nymph Adult
? (Winter) April - September
(Earliest: 1.6)

Spruce Forest Edge

Wet Forest

Hedge Rows
Food: (Nymph)
Avenella flexuosa Sap
Possible Food: (Nymph)
Carex Sap
Food: (Polyphagous) (Adult)
Betulaceae Sap

Sorbus aucuparia Sap

Quercus robur Sap

Populus tremula Sap

Vaccinium myrtillus Sap

Picea abies Sap

Juniperus communis Sap
Possible Food:


Prunus Sap
Possible Parasites:
Several Dryinidae
Possible Predators:
Several Crabronidae

Several Miridae

British Bugs: Speudotettix subfusculus
Nature Spot: Speudotettix subfusculus
Plant Parasites of Europe: Speudotettix subfusculus

Pictures © 2003, 2010 J.K. Lindsey


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