Pinalitus [Orthops] cervinus (Herrich-Schaeffer 1841) (Family Miridae)

Length: Male 3.8-4.2mm, Female 3.9-4.4mm
Egg Nymph Imago
Spring ? August - May
(Earliest: 4.6)

Beech Forest

Hedge Rows
Quercus robur Juices

Crataegus Juices

Fraxinus excelsior Juices

Corylus avellana Juices

Acer pseudoplatanus Juices

Hedera helix Juices

Picea abies Juices
Possible Food:
Prunus Juices

Sorbus Juices

British Bugs: Pinalitus cervinus
Nature Spot: Pinalitus cervinus
Plant Parasites of Europe: Pinalitus cervinus

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