Ornithological Research

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2.6.65: First Snow Geese Arrive!!

10.6.65: Snow Storm - Where Have All the Geese Gone?

Marking Out the Study Area

Taking Notes

Censusing Lemmings

Measuring Lemming Consumption of Vegetation

Filming Snow Goose Egg Hatching

"Papa" and the Goslings, 6.7.65

Vegetation Samples

Staked Out Island

Hide Ripped by Rabid Fox, 16.7.65

Rounding Up the Flightless Geese for Ringing, 28.7.65

Ringing Pen

Ringing Geese

Ringed Canada Goose with Neckband

9.8.65: Expedition to Maguse River ...

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Pictures © 1965 J.K. Lindsey

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