Gortyna flavago (Denis & Schiffermüller 1775) (Family Noctuidae)

Forewing Length: 16-19mm;
Wingspan: 35-40mm
Egg Larva Pupa Adult
(Winter) April - August ? July - October
(Earliest: 30.8)

Spruce Forest Edge

Beech Forest

Hedge Rows

Wet Meadows
(Polyphagous Stem Borer)

Several Asteraceae


Aegopodium podagraria

Angelica sylvestris

Digitalis purpurea

Urtica dioica
Several Ichneumonidae Larvae
Other Possible Parasitoids:
Many Ichneumonidae Larvae

Many Braconidae Larvae

Many Tachinidae Larvae

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Gortyna flavago
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