Psallus variabilis (Fallén 1807) (Family Miridae)

Length: Male 3.5-4.1mm, Female 3.8-4.3mm
Egg Nymph Adult
? ? May - August
(Earliest: 1.6)

Beech Forest

Hedge Rows
Principal Food:
Quercus robur Juices
Other Food:

Several Rosaceae Juices

Alnus glutinosa Juices

Corylus avellana Juices

Populus tremula Juices

Salix caprea Juices

Acer platanoides Juices

Fraxinus excelsior Juices

Plant Parasites of Europe: Psallus variabilis

Pictures © 2003, 2020 J.K. Lindsey


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