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General Biology

  Angiosperm Phylogeny Website
  Atlas Florae Europaeae
  Bird Links to the World
  Birds and Wildlife in Denmark
  Euro+Med PlantBase
  Fauna Europaea
  Index synonymique de la Flore de France
  Influential Points: An Information Resource for Research Biologists.
  International Plant Names Index
  InvertebrateIreland Online
  Online Directories for Experts in Taxonomy and for Selected Taxa
  Resource Identification for a Biological Collection Information Service in Europe
  Skye Flora
  Species 2000
  Tree of Life
  Wildlife Web

Community and Population Ecology

  Behavioural Ecology Research Group
  BioImages - Virtual Field-Guide (UK)
  Centre for Geo-ecological Research
  Ecological Flora of the British Isles
  Herb IMI
  International Ecology Institute
  Long Term Ecology Research Network (LTER)

Biodiversity and Conservation

  Action for Bogs and Wildlife
  Biodiversity Resources in Belgium
  Biota - Understanding Biodiversity
  Butterfly Conservation
  English Nature
  European Centre for Nature Conservation
  European Conservation Institutes Research Network
  EUNIS - European Nature Information System
  Global Biodiversity Information Facility
  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  Investigate Biodiversity
  Man and the Biosphere
  Plant Conservation in Europe
  Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
  Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew
  Système d'Informations sur la Biodiversité en Wallonie
  Wetlands International
  World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Nature Photography

  ARKive - Images of Life on Earth
  Forum für Naturfotografen
  The Garden Safari
  Naturfotografie Jeanne Lauwen

Translation of Nature Writing

  Loon Translation Services

More Biology Links

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