Amanita phalloides (Vaillant in Fries 1821 : Fries) Link 1833 (Family Amanitaceae)

Ectomycorrhizal, July - October (Earliest: 25.6)
Cap: 30-120mm, Stem: 40x10-150x20mm, Gills: L=110-128, I=0-3

Protective Chemicals
Peptides Amanin, Amanitin, Phallacidin, Phallisacin, Phallisin, Phalloidin, Phalloin

Beech Forest

Spruce Forest
Fagus sylvatica

Quercus robur

Picea abies

Pinus sylvestris

Memento des Champignons: Amanite phallo´de
Mushroomexpert: Amanita phalloides
Mykoweb: Amanita phalloides

Pictures © 2003, 2007 J.K. Lindsey


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