Moth Caterpillars

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B-E, [Erebidae], [Geometridae], [G-No], [Noctuidae], [O-Y], [Tortricidae]


Bucculatrix frangutella


Diurnea fagella

Diurnea lipsiella


Anthophila fabriciana


Coleophora albicostella Larval Case

Coleophora hemerobiella Larval Case

Coleophora lusciniaepennella Larval Case

Coleophora potentillae Leaf Mines

Coleophora serratella Larval Case

Coleophora spinella Larval Case


Anania coronata

Anania hortulata

Elophila nymphaeata

Evergestis forficalis

Pleuroptya ruralis


Drepana falcataria

Ochropacha duplaris

Thyatira batis


Agonopterix ciliella

Depressaria radiella

Elachista freyerella


Epermenia chaerophyllella Leaf Mine

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B-E, [Erebidae], [Geometridae], [G-No], [Noctuidae], [O-Y], [Tortricidae]

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