Aglais [Inachis] io (Linnaeus 1758) (Family Nymphalidae)

Forewing Length: 27-30mm, Wingspan: 50-60mm; Proboscis Length: 15-18mm
Egg Larva Pupa Adult
April - May April - September
(Earliest: 4.6)
June - July June - October
(Earliest: 16.7)
February - April
(Earliest: 18.3)


Hedge Rows

Urtica dioica

Many Asteraceae Nectar

Epilobium angustifolium Nectar

Galeopsis tetrahit Nectar

Anthriscus sylvestris Nectar

Valeriana officinalis Nectar

Salix caprea Nectar

Salix cinerea Nectar

Sorbus aucuparia Nectar

Vaccinium myrtillus Nectar

Calluna vulgaris Nectar
Several Ichneumonidae Larvae

Cotesia tibialis Larva

Phryxe vulgaris Larva

Sturmia bella Larva
Possible Parasitoids:
Several Ichneumonidae Larvae

Several Braconidae Larvae

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Nature Spot: Peacock - Inachis io
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Lepiforum: Aglais io

Pictures © 2003 J.K. Lindsey


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