Edwardsiana frustrator (Edwards 1908) (Family Cicadellidae)

Length: 3.1-3.4mm
Egg Nymph Adult
(Winter) ? May - October
(Earliest: 4.9)
(2 Generations)

Hedge Rows
Several Rosaceae Sap

Acer platanoides Sap

Aesculus hippocastanum Sap

Fagus sylvatica Sap

Quercus robur Sap

Corylus avellana Sap
Possible Food:
Betula Sap

Prunus Sap
Possible Parasites:
Several Dryinidae
Possible Predators:
Several Crabronidae

Several Miridae

Pictures © 2003, 2012 J.K. Lindsey


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