Itoplectis alternans (Gravenhorst 1829) (Family Ichneumonidae)


Length: 3.5-10mm; Forewing Length: 2.7-8.5mm
Egg Larva Pupa Adult
? ? (Winter) April - September
(Earliest: 14.3)

Hedge Rows

Pieris brassicae

Pieris rapae

Several Erebidae Pupae

Many Tortricidae Pupae

Several Yponomeutidae

Anthophila fabriciana Pupa

Autographa gamma Pupa

Plutella xylostella Pupa

Carcina quercana Pupa

Cameraria ohridella Pupa

Watsonalla cultraria Pupa

Nycteola revayana Pupa

Psyche casta Pupa
Possible Food:

Lycaenidae Pupae

Other Pieridae Pupae

Chimabachidae Pupae

Coleophoridae Pupae

Crambidae Pupae

Other Erebidae Pupae

Gelechiidae Pupae

Geometridae Pupae

Glyphipterigidae Pupae

Other Gracillariidae Pupae

Lasiocampidae Pupae

Momphidae Pupae

Nolidae Pupae

Notodontidae Pupae

Other Psychidae Pupae

Pyralidae Pupae

Other Tortricidae Pupae

Other Yponomeutidae Pupae

Ypsolophidae Pupae

Zygaenidae Pupae

Tussilago farfara Nectar, Pollen

Pictures © 2003, 2012 J.K. Lindsey


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