Itoplectis maculator (Fabricius 1775) (Family Ichneumonidae)


Laying Egg on Yponomeuta padella

Length: 4.5-10mm;
Forewing Length: 3.4-7.7mm
Egg Larva Pupa Adult
? ? ? September - July
(Earliest: 25.5)

Hedge Rows

Spruce Forest Edge

Gonepteryx rhamni Pupa

Pieris brassicae

Several Erebidae Pupae

Several Geometridae Pupae

Several Noctuidae Pupae

Many Tortricidae Pupae

Several Yponomeutidae

Euthrix potatoria Pupa

Malacosoma neustria Pupa

Caloptilia stigmatella Pupa

Cameraria ohridella Pupa

Carcina quercana Pupa

Plutella xylostella Pupa

Coleophora serratella Pupa

Agonopterix assimilella Pupa

Mompha conturbatella Pupa

Psyche casta Pupa
Possible Food:

Lycaenidae Pupae

Nymphalidae Pupae

Argyresthiidae Pupae

Choreutidae Pupae

Other Coleophoridae Pupae

Elachistidae Pupae

Other Erebidae Pupae

Gelechiidae Pupae

Other Geometridae Pupae

Other Gracillariidae Pupae

Other Lasiocampidae Pupae

Other Momphidae Pupae

Other Noctuidae Pupae

Nolidae Pupae

Psychidae Pupae

Pterophoridae Pupae

Pyralidae Pupae

Other Tortricidae Pupae

Other Yponomeutidae Pupae

Ypsolophidae Pupae

Zygaenidae Pupae

Heracleum sphondylium Nectar

Tanacetum vulgare Nectar

Nature Spot: Itoplectis maculator

Pictures © 2003, 2006 J.K. Lindsey


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